28 February 2022

Turismo X are excited to introduce a qualifying format for Turismo X that is brand new to the MSVT Racing portfolio - ‘SuperPole’.

SuperPole encourages competitors to push themselves to limit in Qualifying, as the ten quickest drivers from qualifying classification become eligible for a pole position shootout! Drivers will be called to the pit lane and lined up at pit lane exit lane in order of the ten fastest times set in qualifying. In the case of a two driver team, either driver may take part in the SuperPole, bur the car may only take part in the session once.

Once the SuperPole shootout has begun, each driver will complete one out-lap, one timed lap and one in-lap. The timed lap will establish their SuperPole time and ultimately, their grid position for the race. The fastest time set in the SuperPole shootout will start in pole position for the race, repeating back down the grid – regardless of whether the shootout time is slower than their qualification time or that of any driver not taking part in SuperPole. Starting positions for drivers who do not qualify for the SuperPole shootout, will be based on qualification times, starting with the eleventh fastest placed in eleventh position.

Full details of SuperPole, including technical laws, can be found within the Championship regulations here: